Hit/Strike a nerve

If someone “hits a nerve”, it means that they brought up a topic that made someone angry or upset. This is in relation to hitting an actual nerve in the human body, for example when you hit your elbow on something and experience a sharp, shooting pain (the tip of the elbow, also called the “funny bone”, contains the ulnar nerve and because that area doesn’t have any extra fatty tissue to cushion the nerve, it is actually nerve pain/irritation that you are feeling).

This pain in your funny bone is similar to the discomfort you might feel if someone brings up a sensitive topic in conversation!

“I think I really struck a nerve with Ashley when I was talking about

皆さんこんにちは。今回の言い回しは、”hits a nerve”=痛い所をつく、神経に触る です。



因みに、hit/strike a nerve はより瞬間的な強い衝撃、touch a nerve はやや全般から得た不快感など によって使い分けます。