If someone is worried about a test or a game or just anything in general, or is feeling sad or anxious, a great thing to do is give them a pep talk! This is basically something you can say to them that will give them energy and spirit and hope. The Japanese “Ganbatte!” is a very short pep-talk.

This is because the word “pep” on it’s own means with energy or spirit. So a “pep TALK” is when you say something to give energy. You can also put pep before other words too. A “pep-rally” is basically a “pep-talk” but on a huge scale. It is an event (rally) held before a sports game where the fans cheer on the team they want to win and give them spirit and energy so they are more likely to win! These are very common in high schools in the U.S.A.

“Oh no… I think I’m going to fail this exam…”

“Don’t think like that! You’ve been studying for weeks now and the test isn’t until the day after tomorrow! You can do it!!!!!! I believe in you!!!!!!!!”