Take the High Road -倫理的に正しいと思われる事をするー

If someone says they are “taking the high road”, it means that they are choosing the most ethical or noble way to handle an argument or a problem, especially if it seems to be an unfair situation. For example,

“Jim said something awful about my family and even though I know some really bad things about his family (his father is in prison!), I am taking the high road by not mentioning that during our argument.”

今回の言い回しは、”Take the high road” (倫理的に正しいと思われる事をする)です。ここで言うhigh roadとは、人の倫理的な意識レベルにおける高低での高さを指していると理解できれば、



ついつい感情を優先させてしまいがちですが、何時もtake the high roadをとれる一段高い精神性と倫理観をもって生活したいですね!